Living history: staff member of UN anti-Apartheid radio unit retires

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Derrick S. Mbatha (right), United Nations Radio Producer, interviews Charlize Theron, United Nations Messenger of Peace. UN Photo/Mark Garten

Human rights are for everyone to enjoy, a former anti-Apartheid activist has concluded after 36 years of service at the United Nations.

The UN led a campaign from 1950 onwards to eliminate South Africa’s system of legalized racial discrimination known as Apartheid.

Derrick Mbatha, a former producer at the underground Radio Freedom, the broadcast arm of the now ruling African National Congress (ANC), moved to New York in 1977 at age twenty-four to work for the UN’s Anti-Apartheid Radio Unit.

When South Africa became a democracy in 1994, Derrick joined the English Radio team.

He shares some of his history with his colleague, Jocelyne Sambira.

Duration: 5’00”

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