MEC Anroux Marais welcomes easing of restrictions to allow bigger audiences at live events

The Western Cape Government welcomes the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa that venues will now be allowed bigger audiences at live events.

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt many blows to those in the arts and sporting environments, as limits on audience members meant loss of income, as well as job losses in both these spheres. Now that bigger numbers of people will be able to attend live events, more jobs can be created in both these industries. Our sporting stadia will also be able to generate more income and produce more opportunities for small business owners to trade again.

While we often spotlight the plight of artists and athletes who could not perform and compete in front of live audiences, it is also important that we remember those who are reliant on working in these environments – the ushers who show audience members to their seats, the waiters at the in-house restaurants, the ice-cream vendors and stall holders at various stadia and the cleaning crews who provide an invaluable service. The return of bigger audiences means a return to work and a bigger income for those who have struggled under the restrictions.

Minister Anroux Marais said, “We must also not forget one of the most important benefits of getting audiences together for live entertainment – the mental health benefits of being in a shared space with others. For the past two years, people have had to support their teams at home and watch theatre in small audiences or online. The return to bigger audiences will go far to bring South Africans together with renewed hope for the future.”

We hope that we will soon see the return to venues being able to host audiences at their full capacity but for now, we are happy that at least more people will be able to go out and support the local economy through the arts and sporting sectors.

Source: Government of South Africa

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