MEC David Maynier visits I-CAN Elsies River Centre

Yesterday I met with Llewellyn Scholtz and the team at the I-CAN Elsies River Centre which is part of the Western Cape government’s Broadband Initiative which aims to help communities to learn, to study, to create and to play in the online environment by using high speed affordable broadband, digital technology and of course various education and skills development programmes.

Since opening to the public in 2015, the I-CAN Elsies River centre has been an integral part of the Elsies River precinct and has delivered digital literacy skills training to those living in the community. Also, through the available infrastructure at the I-CAN centre, people have been able to leverage the limited free internet access to participate in a digital environment to upskill themselves so they are prepared for the new world of work.

I am hugely impressed by the work done by Llewellyn Scholtz and the team at the I-CAN Elsies River Centre where they provide young people with the skills for the digital economy in the Western Cape.

For more information about the I-CAN Elsies River Centre and the other digital skills courses and training opportunities offered by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism visit:

Source: Government of South Africa