MEC Galaletsang Gaolaolwe dispatches officials to deal with disaster incidents

Departmental officials ready to deal with disaster incidents

The MEC for Local Government and Human Settlements in Bokone Bophirima, Galaletsang Gaolaolwe has dispatched a team of officials from the Provincial Disaster Management Centre to assess the extent of the damages caused by the recent torrential rains that have also wreaked havoc across the country.

Areas in Ratlou, Kagisano-Molopo, Greater Taung, Ramotshere Moiloa, Mahikeng, Moses Kotane, Maquassi Hills and Matlosana local municipalities have been worst affected with most of the roads closed due to flooding.

The department has established a joint operation centre comprising of representatives from district disaster management centres and all sector departments. The team meets daily to deal with cases as they get reported to the call centre.

“The team is on high alert to deal with any incidents that is likely to occur as the province and the rest of the country experience continuous torrential rains”, said MEC Gaolaolwe. She has called on communities to take precautionary measures during this period. “More rain is forecast for different parts of the province until the end of the week and everyone must take care. Residents staying along flood lines and river banks must take precautionary measures and ensure that their families are safe during flooding and they stay away from overflowing streams and rivers”, said MEC Gaolaolwe.

Communities are also urged to take care as follows:

Do not cross rivers and swollen streams

If your car gets stuck in a flood, get out and climb to higher ground

Move valuables to safe buildings which are above flood level

Switch off electricity at the supply point

Move your animals to a safe place

If evacuation is recommended, abandon your home immediately before your way out is cut off by flood water

Never drive into water covering the road, the road might have been washed away

Be aware of streams and drainage channels known to flood suddenly

Use a stick to check the firmness of the ground before walking through moving water.

Source: Government of South Africa