MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko condemns ill treatment of health workers in Tsakane

Gauteng MEC for health and wellness condemns the inhumane treatment of health workers at a municipal clinic

The Gauteng MEC for Health and Wellness Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko has described as inhumane and vulgar the attack on health care workers at a municipal clinic in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni.

This comes after the MEC learned of a video that has been circulating on social media which shows an unhappy member of the public allegedly throwing urine at the staff at Calcot Dlephu Clinic who were on their lunch break. The incident happened on Friday, 20 January 2023.

“Irrespective of the complaint the member of the public might be having against the health workers, this cannot justify the attack on them. It is uncalled for and we condemn this vulgar act in the strongest possible terms,” states MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko.

The MEC pointed out that resorting to violence and hurling of insults will ever be acceptable as there are recourse mechanisms such as escalating complaints and allegations to quality assurance people or the facility manager at the relevant service point.

Health care workers across the province have found themselves under attack from communities in recent times where some have even been robbed of their belongings and in other instances the attacks end up with patient care being severely hampered resulting in loss of life.

“I appeal to communities to work with us to end the attack on healthcare workers. On our part we have made a commitment to ensure that we improve patient experience of care at healthcare facilities,” states Nkomo-Ralehoko indicating that she has directed the department to investigate the matter and establish the facts around the incident to determine further course of action.

Source: Government of South Africa