Media crucial in shaping public perception: Kaulinge

The media plays an important role in moulding public opinions and influencing both corporations and the Namibian society as a whole.

Selma Kaulinge, Communications and PR Manager at Nedbank Namibia, made this statement at the fourth annual Nedbank Women in Media conference in Windhoek on Saturday, which was themed ‘Bringing together diverse voices’.

Kaulinge stated that supporting initiatives such as Women in Media helps to develop and improve the media sector as a whole.

The conference provided an opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded trailblazing females in Namibia’s media industry, as well as to facilitate a platform for discussing how women in the media industry deal with gender disparities in leadership, mental health, and representation.

Several speakers advocated for a shift towards inclusive storytelling that depicts women’s lives in a nuanced, safe, and representative manner, while award-winning journalist Shelleygan Petersen discussed policy gaps that endanger the safety of fema
le journalists in the newsroom and how these policies should be implemented properly.

‘Many of my colleagues have left the profession because they prioritised their mental health over their passion for the job, which should never be the case. Your mental health should not come at the expense of your title or organisation,’ Petersen stated.

Throughout the conference, emphasis was put on the need of mentorship schemes in nurturing the next generation of female media workers and ensuring their sustained success and well-being in a competitive environment.

Through collaboration and collaborative action, delegates reiterated their commitment to driving good change and moving the needle forward for gender parity in the media sector.

Sylvia Mundjindi of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung delivered a keynote address emphasising the need of the media industry ensuring safe spaces for women in the workplace.

Selma Ikela, a news editor, highlighted how to handle Namibian concerns through storytelling, while Elzita Beukes
and Eva Rakel delivered compelling lectures on entertainment as a catalyst for women’s empowerment and a worldwide view on the media landscape, respectively.

The curtain closer of the event, a panel discussion on the contribution of corporate PR to the media landscape, opened the floor to insightful ideas from experts including Hilaria Graig, Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Relations Manager at the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, Helena Mootseng, Public and Corporate Affairs Manager at Namibia Diamond Trading Company, and Katrina Sikeni, Manager for Stakeholder Engagement at the Government Institutions Pension Fund.

This year’s Nedbank Women in Media conference provided the platform for building new networks, opening up a safe space for tackling difficult dialogues and encouraging constructive conversations.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency