Minister Ayanda Dlodlo investigates allegations of bullying and unfair treatment of junior employees

Minister for Public Service and Administration, Ms. Ayanda Dlodlo has noted with concern, allegations of workplace bullying and unfair treatment of junior employees in the Public Service.

According to a Public Service Commission report published about a month ago, cases of misconduct and other grievances against senior managers are not being investigated. The Minister has instructed the labour and Human Resources units of the department to follow up on these allegations and uncover these cases across the Public Service.

We are concerned about such allegations of unfair treatment of junior employees. This does not only reflect badly on our disciplinary system as the Public Service, but it also dampens the morale of these employees and affects workplace productivity and relations she said.

Even though, section 7(3) (b) of the Public Service Act decentralises discipline to respective Heads of Departments, which makes it difficult for us detect such cases immediately, we have to make sure that we investigate such incidents and deal with them decisively added Minister Dlodlo

Further to strengthen the fight against corruption in the Public Service, a Technical Assistance Unit for discipline, ethics and integrity will be established by 31st March 2019. This technical unit, including the strengthening of the enforcement powers for the Public Service Commission will contribute to the institutionalisation of enforcement mechanisms to combat corruption and to increase accountability across all organs of state and to also that discipline and integrity are enforced in the Public Service.

The team from the department’s labour relations and Human Resources units will commence the investigation with immediate effect and should table a report to the Minister before the end of the financial year.

Source: Government of South Africa