Moqbel, Portolano discuss security situatio…

NNA – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense, Samir Moqbel, on Wednesday welcomed at his office UNIFIL General Commander, General Luciano Portolano, with whom he discussed the current security situation in southern Lebanon, in addition to the ongoing coordination between the Lebanese army and the peacekeepers.

“I had a very important meeting with the Minister of Defense, amid this exceptional stage Lebanon in general is going through, especially in the South. During the meeting, we broached the security situation in the South, in addition to key issues relevant to UN resolution 1701,” Portolano told reporters following the meeting.

“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Minister Moqbel for his wise command of the security forces in the South, and for the huge support we are receiving from him. This contributes to preserving stability and peace in the region extending from Litani River to the Blue Line,” he said.

“Today, I can undoubtedly say that this region is considered among the calmest, not just in Lebanon, but also in the entire Middle East; this is the result of the command of Southern Litani Sector, and the presence of the Lebanese army and the UNIFIL in the region, under the command of Minister Moqbel. I would also like to thank him very much for his support for the UNIFIL,” Portolano concluded.


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