Motshekga pays respects to slain teacher

As the search for the killers of Phomolong Secondary School Deputy Principal continues, Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, has cautioned against the spreading of rumours and fake news around the tragic incident.

Addressing learners at Phomolong Secondary School on Tuesday, Motshekga said there are no leads yet in the murder of the 50-year-old Deputy Principal, Thembisile Ngendane, who was gunned down while driving out of the school.

Ngendane was shot and killed on Friday when three gunmen suddenly appeared and allegedly shot her three times through the passenger window.

Subsequently, she got out of the car, trying to evade the hailstorm of bullets but she fell just beside the car. One of the gunmen allegedly shot her twice while she was on the ground and they fled the scene without taking anything from her.

Motshekga, however, said the police are working around the clock to get to the bottom of the murder.

“I am shattered to hear of speculation that a Grade 12 learner who failed matric may have been involved in the shooting. This was even more depressing. I am looking forward to the police arresting the correct culprit,” she said.

Motshekga said the police are currently investigating the matter and will reveal the culprit.

The Minister further sent her deepest condolences to the learners and school staff at Phomolong Secondary School.

“I thought I should come here as part of this family and as a teacher myself, and also as a resident of this area. I bring nothing but condolences. I want to say to teachers your pain is our pain. As I said, this was shuttering for me. The pain you are feeling, we are also feeling as a nation,” Motshekga said.

Source: South African Government News Agency