Mousawi: Certain Medias have deteriorated morally

NNA – Certain Lebanese Medias have deteriorated morally, Hizbullah deputy of the House Nawwaf Mousawi, stated during the funeral of a slain party member at the Housayniyyah mosque of Khiyam today.

As Saudi-sponsored Medias deteriorated far beyond human recognition, our party solely undertakes the defense of the country against ISL/NOSRA onslaught, he stressed. Regardless of the magnitude of anti-party incitement mounted against our fallen by mercenaries on Saudi payroll, we warn them against going too far in their debased criticism of the party, Mousawi charged.

Hizbullah expects the Lebanese government to liberate Arsal from ISIL/NUSRA occupation otherwise, Beqaa clansmen who liberated South Lebanon from Israeli occupation would never hesitate to take matters into their hands and flush terrorists out, he threatened.

As we need nobody’s permission to defend ourselves, we regard the treacherous attitude of Saudi mercenaries a prelude towards their jumping on ISIL/NOSRA inhuman bandwagon, he said.

Whoever poses as a facade for Takfeerist designs here and in Syria, sows seeds of religious sectarian strife and we shall stop them from doing so, Mousawi concluded.