MTC increases netball sponsorship by 36 per cent

WINDHOEK: Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has increased its sponsorship budget for the Namibia Netball Premier League (NNPL) by 36 per cent, from N. dollars 1.9 million to N. dollars 2.5 million.

The renewal of the sponsorship was announced by the company’s Chief Human Capital, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo and Netball Namibia President, Rebekka /Goagoses, on Thursday.

According to Ekandjo, they chose to increase the amount of the sponsorship from N. dollars 1.9 million to N. dollar 2.5 million, because they want the NNPL to have a completely professional setup, where players get pay slips and can take care of their families and for that reason they will continue to support the progression of the sport.

‘We are very intentional about our sponsorships and in fact these negotiations have been going on for very long, way before we announced this sponsorship three years-ago and we were very clear in saying we want to make netball one of the most popular sport codes in the country
,’ said Ekandjo.

/Goagoses expressed her gratitude, stating that this sponsorship has brought value and confidence to the girl child.

‘We can comfortably select our national team from this setup that MTC made possible and another value we can proudly express is that this sponsorship has created jobs to our players within the correctional service and in the forces that require you to play in the league, so our players are being paid and that adds value to their living standard,’ she said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency