MTC invests N.dollars 1.8 million in its employees

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has invested N.dollars 1.8 million in 30 of its employees, offering financial assistance to fund their part-time ‘side hustles’ through its Dreamer Project.

The project was launched in 2021 with the goal of creating a sustainable value chain for MTC employees, assisting with job creation, and demonstrating MTC principles as a corporate citizen not only externally, but also to its employees.

Tim Ekandjo, MTC’s Chief Human Capital, Corporate Affairs and Marketing Officer, stated at a ceremony held on Tuesday that 69 applications were received, with four in social causes.

‘This year, the employees were recognised with amounts ranging from N.dollars 30 000 to N.dollars 60 000. As ambassadors, we are saying to you that we are not satisfied with you for just working for MTC until you go out there and live your dreams. This project is aimed to make you love more than just what you do at MTC. We want you to go out there and make your family proud by living your dream and making a difference in your community,’ he said.

As part of the programme, MTC will provide business mentorship and training to the 30 ambassadors in order to familiarise them with business concepts such as marketing, financial management and ensuring the success of their business ideas.

One of the recipients, Sesilia Auala, expressed excitement and gratitude for the opportunity.

She described the project’s assistance as an injection that will help her transform her dream of starting her own business into a reality.

”This is an opportunity that I am taking very seriously and I am delighted to start my business and employ my fellow countrymen,” she added.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency