Murder Sentencing – Campbell: Northern Cape [press release]

The South African Police Service welcomes the murder sentencing that was handed down to a Campbell man on Wednesday, 25 March 2015, in the Northern Cape High Court. James Siff (42) was sentenced to an effective 18 years imprisonment for the murder of Vernon Hugh Kok(49). The incident took place in Campbell on the 18 October 2014.

At approximately 21:00, the accused and the victim, Vernon Hugh Kok(49) were involved in an argument about watching a soccer match on television. The incident took place at the accused’s house. The accused fatally stabbed Kok with sheep sheers in his chest. The accused fled the scene and was arrested the following day in Campbell. He appeared before court and was granted bail. Siff was previously found guilty for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in 1998 and robbery in 2010.

The SAPS commends DetConst Algene Son and DetWO William April for a job well done. Good and solid watertight facts was brought to the court which secured this superb sentencing.”

Source : South African Police Service