Namibian Police Force Promotes Over 200 Officers in Kunene Region

Kunene – The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Kunene Region celebrated the promotion of 206 officers to higher ranks on Friday. The promotion recognized the officers’ commitment, loyalty, resilience, and dedication to their national duty. This event, held in Opuwo, marked a significant moment for the force.

According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), During the ceremony, 28 officers were elevated from Constable to Sergeant 2; 86 from Sergeant 2 to Sergeant 1; 31 from Sergeant 1 to Warrant Officer 2; and 61 from Warrant Officer 2 to Warrant Officer 1. Among the promoted officers, 166 were male and 40 female, with women representing 19 percent of those elevated.

NamPol Commander for the Kunene Region, Commissioner James Nderura, presided over the ceremony. He highlighted the critical role played by the police in maintaining law and order in the region. The event, according to Nderura, was not only a joyful occasion but also a recognition of the hard work and dedication of NamPol’s officers.

Nderura emphasized that promotions within the force should honor the officers’ devotion and commitment to their national responsibilities. “A promotion is not just a reward; it carries significant responsibilities, including accountability, commitment, and honesty in upholding the rule of law,” he noted.

The commissioner advised the newly promoted officers to perform their duties diligently, uphold the laws and authorities of Namibia, and maintain high levels of professionalism. He reminded them that with higher ranks come greater responsibilities, especially in overseeing the work of others and serving and protecting communities from criminal activities.

Nderura also pointed out that ensuring the safety and security of citizens and visitors requires a multifaceted approach. This approach involves not just the deployment of resources and strategic planning but also a commitment to community engagement, empathy, and proactive problem-solving.