NamPower to suspend electricity supply to defaulting local authorities

NamPower on Tuesday announced that it will suspend the electricity supply of defaulting regional and local authority councils by 05 June 2023 should they fail to settle their debt.

The national power utility in a statement said it is owed over N.dollars 1 billion by the targeted institutions and will write off the interest portion of the outstanding debt accrued over the preceding 12-month period should the defaulting customers settle the outstanding amount in full by 31 May 2023.

“If this state is left without our further action, it will detrimentally affect our duty to supply electricity to the entire country on a sustainable basis. Despite past appeals to the customers with overdue accounts, very few are making an effort to settle their outstanding accounts,” it said.

Amongst the defaulters listed are the //Kharas Regional Council, Northern Regional Electricity Distributors (Nored) as well as the Central North Regional Electricity Distributors (Cenored).

The City of Windhoek’s Groot Aub and Brakwater areas are also listed.

Other local authority councils mentioned are Rehoboth, Mariental, Karasburg, Gobabis, Aranos, Maltahohe, Lüderitz, Gibeon, Koës, Leonardville, Berseba, Kalkrand, Stampriet, Witvlei and Aroab.

NamPower said to limit the continued escalation of debts, it will commence with the suspension of electricity supply to defaulting customers starting 05 June 2023, unless the outstanding overdue amounts are settled.

It issued a disconnection plan whereby power supply will be suspended for a minimum of four hours weekly per location. The number of hours or period of suspension will be increased in instances where no full payment is forthcoming.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency