News: Court sentences secured in Pixley Ka Seme Cluster

NORTHERN CAPE- In an effort to ensure that those who transgress the law, especially crimes perpetrated against women and children face the full might of the law, the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) in Pixley Ka Seme Cluster secured imprisonment sentences in various cases during January 2020.

In the first case, the Colesberg Regional Court sentenced Denis Thembakani Cekisa (34) to 10 years imprisonment for raping a 42-year-old woman in Kuyasa.

The incident occurred in February 2015 when the victim was walking from a local tavern to her home. Denis accosted and raped her on the street. He was later arrested and released on bail.

While on bail, Cebisa raped another woman aged 53 in October 2017. In this incident he attacked the victim at her house and raped her. He was arrested again and denied bail.The Colesberg Regional Court found him guilty on both cases and he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for each case.

On another case, Jolin Petersen (35), was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for raping a mentally ill, 56-year-old woman at her home.

Peterson raped the victim in July 2015 when he asked to look after the victim as a family friend.

The Management of SAPS in the Northern Cape has welcomed these sentences and applauded the FCS Unit in Pixley Ka Cluster for their tireless efforts and commitment in ensuring justice is served.

Source: South African Police Service

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