News in Brief 01 April 2015 (PM)

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Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, Syria. UN Photo

“Extreme” concern for refugees in Yarmouk due to “fierce fighting”

The UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) says it is extremely concerned about the safety and protection of Syrian and Palestinian civilians in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.

UNRWA reports that since Wednesday afternoon, intensive armed conflict has been ongoing between armed groups present in the area.

It says that credible information from public sources indicates that a variety of armed groups are engaged in fierce fighting in areas where Yarmouk’s 18,000 civilians, including some 3,500 children reside.

This places them at extreme risk of death, serious injury, trauma and displacement, UNRWA added.

UN brings relief to al-Baghdadi

A UN convoy carrying life-saving assistance for thousands of people has arrived in the town of al-Baghdadi in Iraq’s Anbar Governorate.

The conflict there has reportedly left thousands of residents with very limited access to food, clean water and medicine.

UN agencies have been struggling to reach the area because of the siege south of the town.

Three UN agencies took part in the convoy–the World Food Programme, the UN Children’s Fund, and the International Organization for Migration.

Copyright should not infringe on cultural rights

Creativity is not a privilege of an elite segment of society or professional artists, but a universal right, according to the UN Special Rapporteur in the Field of Cultural Rights.

Farida Shaheed said that copyright law and policy must be designed with sensitivity to populations that have special needs or may be overlooked by the market.

She made her comments during a presentation to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday.

Cathrine Hasselberg, United Nations.

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