News in brief 23 February 2015 (AM)

23 Feb 2015

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This child soldier, demobilized in South Sudan in 2015, has never been to school and he really wants to go to school now. Photo: UNICEF/Doune Porter

New child abductions by armed groups in South Sudan
The kidnapping of scores of young boys by an armed group near Malakal, north of South Sudan has been strongly condemned by the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF.
The agency’s education team report that 89 children were forcibly taken while doing their exams. The actual number could be higher.
Some of the boys taken were as young as 13 and UNICEF is urging the group to immediately release the children.
WHO calls for use of “smart syringes” worldwide
Millions of people could be protected from infections acquired through unsafe injections if health-care programmes used syringes or needles that can only be used once.
The World Health Organization made the call on Monday, following the release of a study sponsored by the agency which found that the practice is driving the spread of a number of infectious diseases worldwide.
In 2010, up to 1.7 million people were reportedly infected with Hepatitis B virus and up to 315, 000 contracted the deadly Hepatitis C infection.
Leveraging technology to empower women, girls
Over a thousand people are meeting in Paris to explore how mobile technology can help open doors to education and accelerate learning for women and girls.
The Mobile Learning Week 2015 is being co-hosted by UNESCO, the UN cultural agency and UN Women for the fourth time.
Globally, two out of every three illiterate adults are women.
Meanwhile, the quality and access to education is still unequal across gender lines and the event will help identify strategies to overcome these gaps.
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