Notorious wildlife trafficker gets convicted

NORTH WEST – Randburg magistrate court sentenced Yanseng Feng to 10 years imprisonment of which 2 years are suspended for 5 years for illegal dealing and possession of Rhino horns.
He was further slapped with 5 years’ imprisonment of which 3 years are suspended for 5 years for corruption, on 21 September 2020.
The convict was arrested in 2019 after the Hawks’ Wildlife Trafficking team launched an investigation in his wildlife trafficking network.
He was found in possession of five rhino horns, fourteen (14) pieces of abalone, three (3) seahorse and two (2) sea cucumbers.
Vehicles, weighing and processing equipment worth a substantial amount during a search and seizure at his premises in Randburg.
Feng made appearances in court until he offered the investigating offer R100 000 in order to grant him bail. He promised to pay him a further R40 000 upon his release.
The money was subsequently forfeited to the state and Feng entered into a plea agreement. He has been under police surveillance since 2018. He will serve an effective 10 years.

Source: South African Police Service