Ntabethemba SAPS engaging the youth through sport against crime

CHRIS HANI DISTRICT – The South African Police Service in Ntabethemba, Chris Hani District celebrated Heritage Day in a different style, as they made an effort to enhance relations with the community through sport over the weekend. The two-day sport tournament took place at Rocklands Sport Grounds in Rocklands Location under Ntabethemba SAPS policing precinct on 24 and 25 September 2022.

The well-organised and successful initiative was a result of sterling and diligent work by a hardworking Community Police Officer, (CPO) Constable Mninawa Mboniswa, who organised soccer and netball teams from various areas, and further mobilised youth to support the tournament.

The South African Police Service worked with a well-known and popular non-profit organization in the area, Thirty One Status (TOS) in ensuring success of the initiative.

Station Commander of Ntabethemba SAPS, Captain Mphumzi Mene described the sport activity as an effective move to engage youth of different areas in an effort to fight crime in various environments to ensure safe and secure society, and also close gaps between the SAPS and the community they serve. “This is an annual tournament that we utilise as a platform to engage youth and educate them about a number of issues that relate to fighting crime. This kind of initiative is also an effort to close gaps between the police and community we serve. And we have been successful in doing that,” the Station Commander said.

Captain Mene went on by indicating that the initiative was part of Pillar Five of Operation Sikhona, that talks to Social Crime Awareness and Education Campaign, and also carried an objective of reducing crime in the Eastern Cape Province by rooting out lawlessness uncompromisingly.

He concluded by appreciating involvement of internal and and external stakeholders in ensuring success of the initiative. “We wish to thank and appreciate all role-players, including Corporate Communication and Liaison and non-profit organisation, Thirty One Status for their involvement in ensuring success of the initiative. The success was a result of collective commitment,” Captain Mene concluded.

Source: South African Police Service