Omaheke police refute claims of harvesting of private parts

GOBABIS: The Namibian Police Force in the Omaheke Region have warned residents against circulating claims on social media of people reportedly harvesting private parts in the region.

Regional Unit Commander for Community Affairs, Inspector Fina Sakayengenga on Tuesday at a media conference said the residents and anyone responsible for spreading false information should stop as this has caused havoc and confusion among residents in the region.

“There is information that is circulating in the region of private parts that had been cut off and are being used for ritual purposes. I want to tell you that this information is fake – there is nothing as such happening in our region,” she said.

This information, she said is linked by the public to an incident of attempted murder that happened in Aminuis, adding that the attempted murder issue is an issue and incident on its own and it cannot be linked to the fake information circulating on social media.

She urged the community to be vigilant and refrain from circulating this type of information.

“The suspect of the attempted murder is arrested and currently behind bars in Leonardville, he did not get bail yet and I cannot also confirm his next court appearance, but can confirm that all the information circulating is fake,” Sakayengenga stated.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency