Omuthiya and Tsumeb Municipalities Initiate Programs to Alleviate Unemployment

OMUTHIYA – The Omuthiya Town Council (OTC) has initiated a program to create a job seeker database, registering 168 unemployed residents within the town’s boundaries. OTC spokesperson Ottilie Shingenge explained that this registry will facilitate temporary employment opportunities for tasks like cleaning and beautification of the town.
According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), aims to provide employment on a first-come, first-served basis. Similarly, the Tsumeb Municipality has been addressing youth unemployment, having recorded over 4,000 job seekers in the last two years. Tsumeb’s spokesperson, Stella Nangolo, detailed their approach of employing locals for tasks such as park and cemetery maintenance and providing contract workers to companies like Dundee. Nangolo highlighted the challenge of managing expectations from non-residents seeking employment, leading to a shift in their strategy to directly recruit unemployed individuals for temporary contract work in specific Tsumeb locations.