Operation Safer Festive Season conducted in Motherwell

The role which illegal firearms, alcohol and drugs play in the committing of crime remains a key focus area of the SAPS. By addressing those root causes of other serious crimes, SAPS aims to ensure a safer environment for all communities.

During the past 24 hours the Motherwell Cluster Stations have been conducting special operations in Kwazakele and New Brighton. The operations continues in the form of a multi-disciplinary operation to focus on searching for wanted suspects, drugs and illegal fire arms. Zero tolerance will be shown towards drunken driving and the misuse of alcohol. Compliance inspections will be conducted at taverns to check for their compliance in terms of the Liquor Act.

Members from different stations and units looked operationally ready to serve the community of Motherwell. Metro Police also joined the forces.

The operation is expected to continue until the early hours of Sunday, 23 February 2020.

#ZIZOJIKA IZINTO – “Turning the tide against crime”

Source: South African Police Service