Oshikuku Town Council rehabilitating sewerage ponds

OSHAKATI: The Oshikuku Town Council has set aside over N.dollars 1.7 million for the rehabilitation of the town’s sewerage ponds.

Oshikuku Town Council spokesperson, John Siloiso, in an interview with Nampa on Monday said the project has already kicked off and will last for six months.

According to Siloiso, the rehabilitation of the sewerage ponds forms part of the council’s efforts to ensure effective service delivery.

Siloiso indicated that the current ponds have a small capacity in relation to the inflow.

‘The work includes creating an embankment to stop runoff sewer water mixing with rainwater, fencing off the whole area, establishing one more pond and cleaning all existing ponds,’ he said.

He explained that this is the final area where wastewater from houses ends up and such water becomes a health hazard if not handled and managed properly.

Cleaning the ponds to remove reeds and sludge as well as constructing additional ponds will increase capacity.

Siloiso added that the fence is also damaged and
residents are accessing ponds without authorisation, noting that a new fence will be erected to control access to the ponds.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency