OTA urges community to prevent animals from harming crops

OLUNO: Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) spokesperson, Frans Enkali, has warned residents with domestic animals within their communities to refrain them from harming and destroying people’s crops, by taking care of them, or face the law.

Enkali in an interview with Nampa on Saturday said the traditional authority has observed some subsistence farmers leaving their animals to roam around all day, without supervision, hence the need for them to start taking care of their animals.

‘It is rainy season and most people have started cultivating their fields, so OTA is not going to entertain those who fail to take care of their animals.

We must start looking after our animals, putting our chicken in enclosures as well as our pigeons and guineafowls,’ said Enkali.

Enkali also stated that those who fail to take care of their animals are going to face traditional laws.

‘We have traditional ways of dealing with such cases. Should a complainant come forth with such a case, the suspect will be required to pay what t
he victim would want to be paid,’ Enkali warned.

The headman or headwoman takes control first when dealing with traditional laws, and if the matter goes out of hand then the OTA intervenes to resolve the issue.

He went on to encourage the residents to start working in their Mahangu fields as the rain started to make sure they produce something for themselves and their families.

‘The rain has started so we encourage those that did not start cultivating their fields to start now before they regret not doing so,’ Enkali said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency