Paraguay making a difference around the world

26 Feb 2015

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Ban Ki-moon meeting with Military Forces from the Centre for the Joint Training Centre for Peacekeeping Operations. Photo: UN Photo/Evan Schneider

As a founding member of the United Nations, Paraguay is making a difference around the world across a range of work with the organization.
That’s what the Secretary-General said on day two of his visit to the country.
A lot has changed in the South American nation since the last visit by a Secretary-General in1959.
Ana Carmo reports.
Democracy has come into force and military dictatorships are things of the past, Ban Ki-moon said in his address to the National Congress of Paraguay.
Currently, Paraguayans are serving as peacekeepers in eight countries.
Mr Ban called the performance of their troops in Haiti “outstanding” and recalled how the engineers helped clear the rubble after the earthquake in 2010.
“From peacekeeping operations to now serving on the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, we are benefiting greatly from Paraguay’s contributions. I want to acknowledge in particular Paraguay’s robust and effective leadership in advancing a solution for the special needs of landlocked, developing countries.”
Earlier, the UN Secretary-General visited Paraguay’s famed ITAIPU hydroelectric dam and commended the nation for leading by example.
This year, Paraguay also began its three-year term on the Human Rights Council.
Ana Carmo, United Nations.
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