PM announces support to Twin Highway 7 between Saskatoon and Delisle

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan, announce funding for the twinning of Saskatchewan’s Highway 7 to four lanes, west of Saskatoon to Delisle, which will generate economic and social benefits for the province.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – 12 March 2015
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced funding for the twinning of Saskatchewan’s Highway 7 to four lanes, west of Saskatoon to Delisle, which will generate economic and social benefits for the province. He was accompanied by Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan.
Support through the New Building Canada Fund’s Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component, National and Regional Projects, will be used to twin approximately 26.5 kilometres of Highway 7 to four lanes and construct seven kilometres of a new four-lane divided highway. This project will generate many benefits for the people of Saskatchewan, including creating jobs, improving safety, enhancing traffic flow and reducing travel time on a core route of the National Highway System. It is the third highway project announced under the National and Regional Projects component of the New Building Canada Fund in Saskatchewan.
Today’s announcement is part of the Government’s unprecedented and historic investment in infrastructure to ensure Canada’s future economic growth for years to come. Since 2006, the Government of Canada has supported many projects throughout Saskatchewan, including the construction of the Leachate Collection System (City of Saskatoon Spadina Landfill), twinning to four lanes for Highway 11 from Warman to Highway 2 south of Prince Albert, improvements to Highway 4 in Regina, expansion of the water treatment plant in North Battleford, and construction of Saskatoon’s new Landfill Gas Collection Facility.
Quick Facts
Twinning Saskatchewan’s Highway 7 to four lanes will support national, provincial and regional economic activity, specifically in the agricultural, mining, potash and oil and gas resource sectors.
As a core National Highway System route, Highway 7 connects to Alberta’s Highway 9, which serves traffic bound for Drumheller and Calgary, as well as British Columbia. This project will improve safety and efficiency for vehicles travelling between Saskatchewan and Alberta. The highway links Calgary and Saskatoon and the twinning to four lanes is required given that it is handling increasing volumes of interprovincial traffic; including truck traffic – as well as commuter traffic from Delisle to Saskatoon.
The New Building Canada Plan is the largest and longest federal infrastructure investment in our country’s history. It continues to focus on supporting projects that enhance economic growth, job creation and productivity.
Starting in 2014, Saskatchewan will benefit from more than $1 billion in dedicated federal funding under the New Building Canada Plan, including almost $437 million under the New Building Canada Fund.

“Our Government’s historic investments in infrastructure are improving the lives of Canadians by generating jobs, economic growth and a wide range of social benefits from coast to coast to coast. We are pleased to announce today support for the twinning of Highway 7 to four lanes between Saskatoon and Delisle, which will greatly improve the flow of traffic, expedite the transport of goods to market, ensure economic growth throughout Western Canada, and allow local commuters to get home to their families more quickly.”
– Prime Minister Stephen Harper
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