Police members and units acknowledged for their dedication and commitment

GQEBERHA – Fighting crime is often seen as a very simple task, however as in any organization each person, irrespective of where they work, do play a role in achieving the SAPS vision to “create a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa” and the mission “ to prevent anything that may threaten the safety or the security of any community; investigate any crimes that threaten the safety or the security of any community; ensure criminals are brought to justice; and participate in efforts to address the cause of crime.

On Thursday, 31 March 2022, SAPS Bethelsdorp and the Nelson Mandela Bay District Visible Policing expressed their gratitude to their members for their contribution in the fight against crime. Working in a gang stricken area can be challenging at times and to ensure a decrease in crime, takes hard work, dedication and commitment. SAPS Bethelsdorp Station Commander, Brigadier Zolani Xawuka acknowledged the contribution that different units within SAPS plays in achieving good results during the financial year that resulted in reaching their goals at SAPS Bethelsdorp. Certificates of commendation were handed to members of various units as well as members at SAPS Bethelsdorp.

During the appreciation ceremony, Brig Xawuka also bid farewell to Lt Col Gerda Adlam who retired after 40 years of service. She was the commander at the finance office for the last few years of her career. Brig Xawuka praised Lt Col Adlam and commented that ‘achieving 40 years of service is a big milestone in any person’s life. You dedicated your life to serve and did so with pride. You were a very approachable officer who set a good example to your junior members. You will start a new journey from tomorrow, leaving your SAPS family and it’s time to give all your attention to your family.’

Also on, 31 March 2022, the Nelson Mandela Bay District Visible Policing also commended the Crime Combatting Unit for their excellent performance of duty in the last three months. Members were praised for their commitment and dedication for their outstanding arrests and confiscations. Certificates of appreciation were also handed to the members.

In his address to the various units, Brig Xawuka iterated that,’ it is clear that we need have an integrated approach and recognise those units who are contributing to the successes of the police station. As a Station Commander, you need to acknowledge your members because without their support you will not succeed on your own. To give recognition to officers and members at your station and other units will ensure that as a station commander you will be able to rely on the members for the next financial year.’

Source: South African Police Service