Post Office puts in the work to improve services

The South African Post Office (SAPO) has tightened and improved internal controls in an effort to improve its service to its customers.

In a statement on Wednesday, the SAPO committed to focusing on financing operational requirements whilst implementing the turnaround plan, adhering to an implementation plan developed for the Post Office of Tomorrow Strategy supported by strict control measures.

The Post Office said it is developing a training and reskilling programme for employees at all levels in order to ensure that their skills are in line with the requirements of a modern postal service.

“A portion of the funding will be utilised to partly settle liabilities and to finance voluntary severance packages. The Post Office has achieved good progress in becoming part of the growing e-commerce sector and continues to source new business,” SAPO said.

The Post Office is the exclusive partner of the e-commerce giant in South Africa. The entity has also concluded similar agreements with Mail Americas, Signature Mail, ICE and CNE.

“The intention is to act as distribution hub for these companies in sub-Saharan Africa. The Post Office does not intend to partner only with international companies and plans to extend similar partnerships to South African e-commerce companies.

The SAPO will focus on strengthening its revenue from logistics and warehousing adding that it has gained experience in warehousing through the digital terrestrial television (DTT) project.

“To remain competitive, the Post Office has to bring its services to the customer instead of expecting the customer to go to a physical branch. The first product in the ‘SAPO in my Pocket’ strategy will be launched very soon, making the service available on any mobile electronic device. More products will follow.”

In addition, waiting times have also been reduced in a move to improve customer experience at post office branches.

“Separate queues have been introduced at all larger outlets so that customers visiting their post office for a normal postal transaction do not have to wait in line with those who are there to collect a Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. Grant recipients are also allocated a specific day of the week to control the number of beneficiaries on a given day.

“The payment facility SRD grants has been extended to Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer supermarkets. A similar arrangement will soon be extended to more supermarket and spaza shop chains,” SAPO said.

Focus has also been placed on cost-containment and reduction, while increasing revenue generation, through a number of initiatives.

“The Board had also given a directive about consequences being meted out to those who may have been found responsible for the irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure,” it said.

Source: South African Government News Agency