Praise for measures to prevent Gauteng minibus shutdown

Gauteng MEC for Transport and Logistics Kedibone Diale-Tlabela has commended the Gauteng Taxi Industry (GTI) for their proactive measures that prevented a planned shutdown of minibus taxi services operated by the Witwatersrand African Taxi Association.

The Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport received intelligence from law enforcement agencies warning of the intended shutdown scheduled for Wednesday, which posed a threat to the daily commute of residents, particularly in Dube, Nancefield, Jabulani and Zola.

The Department said the situation arose from the ongoing violent dispute between the Nancefield-Dube West Taxi Association (NANDUWE) and the Witwatersrand African Taxi Association (WATA) over routes in the area.

“We commend the GTI for demonstrating leadership and responsible governance, thereby averting disruptions to public transport in southern Johannesburg. Their intervention spared commuters significant inconvenience, enabling them to travel to their designated destinations without incident,”
the MEC said.

GTI comprises the South African National Taxi Association and the National Taxi Alliance.

‘The collaborative law enforcement efforts, led by Gauteng Community Safety, Johannesburg Metro Police Department, South African Police Service as well as the Road Traffic Management Corporation, will continue as part of ensuring the safety of residents. Law enforcement remains prepared to swiftly address any potential resurgence of violence during this period,’ the department said.

The department will continue to hold public meetings to keep residents informed of developments regarding the matter.

Source: South African Government News Agency