Premier Helen Zille and MEC Debbie Schafer announce details of R1.2 billion investment into E-Learning, 23 Feb

This morning, Premier Helen Zille and MEC Debbie Schafer will be outlining the details of the WCEDs e-learning project.

This is a very exciting initiative that has taken years of planning and has the potential to make a major contribution towards improving the quality of teaching and learning in the province.

The strategy includes a number of components that are critical to the provisioning of E-learning in our schools, namely:

1. The linking of schools through a high-speed, real-time Wide Area Network (WAN).

2. The provision of Local Area Networks (LANs) in schools.

3. The refresh of existing computer laboratories and the provision of new laboratories and technology rich classrooms (smart classrooms).

4. The development and expansion of online digital resources that are made available to all learners, parents and teachers.

5. Teacher training and development in ICT and the use of E-learning in schools.

Premier Zille and MEC Schafer will be explaining each of these components and the dates for rollout as well as the number of schools who will benefit within various timeframes.

This project has the potential to revolutionise teaching and learning in our schools.

All media are invited and welcome to attend.

Date: Monday, 23 February 2015

Time: 10h00

Venue: Press room, 15 Wale Street, Cape Town


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