Premier Senzo Mchunu on KwaZulu-Natal achievements in State of the Province Address

KZN Premier strikes the right notes during the State of the Province Address on Friday

The Premier of KwaZulu-Natal Mr Senzo Mchunu continued to strike the right balance during the State of the Province Address on Friday, last week. Under the theme “Consolidating the progress we have made, and stepping up the pace to achieve radical socio-economic transformation to end poverty in our lifetime”, the Premier managed to cover all urgent areas which define the constituencies of this province. There is more that the Premier reported on as progress considering that the Premier is less than two years at the helm of the Provincial Government of KwaZulu-Natal.

The Premier continued with the legacy of subjecting his government to a tight deadline of 100 days to keep his progress and delivery in check. There is more that the province has achieved in this short period defined by the Premier.

Alignment of the NDP with 14 outcomes expressed in the Medium Term Strategic Framework.

Adoption of the 2014 Vision of the Provincial Growth Development Plan to ensure that all departments work towards improving economic growth of the province.

Employment has increased from 2170 000 in 2010 to 2419 00 in 2014

Successfully concluded Operation Phakisa or Ocean Labs. These are directed at Poverty Eradication and Job Creation.

Government has ensured that Dube Trade Port is declared as Industrial Development Zone in order to attract exports capabilities.

Ensured the completion of Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone which is aimed at improving and coordinating the functioning of the port thus improving economic outputs and job creation.

Delivered on the slums clearance project in Jika Joe, Groutville, Masinenge, and Umzinto. Building of houses in these areas is in progress.

Electricity has been provided to the following areas as promised, Mahehle, Ofafa, KwaGcothoyi, Ezicole and Ebatshe.

Government has recommitted itself to develop Dukuduku Project without relocating people. About 5500 houses will be built in this area, and 1000 has been built already.

Four sites have been identified for development of Techno-hubs and incubation centres in Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg, Hibiscus and Umhlathuze.

30 students from KwaZulu Natal have been sent to Mampal University in India to be trained as pharmacists in order to counter the skills shortage in our province.

Department of Health has increased its cooperation with Aeromedical Services to be able to provide emergency services even at night using latest Night Vision Goggles.

Government has made a commitment to assist the eMadlangeni community and surrounding areas to initiate a progress to establish Agri-Villages.

The Premier indicated this as the highlights, but committed to urgently convert the 100 days deliverable to a 360 days initiative to put more pressure on government to deliver more. This has been seen as a game changer by most, but as this government we believe this is what we are capable of delivering to our people, say the Premier


Sibusiso Magwaza

Speechwriter and Acting Spokesperson

Cell: 063 253 1818