President Zuma commits to attending to issues raised at the SAA during his visit

President Jacob Zuma today, 06 May 2016, visited Airways Park, the headquarters of South African Airways (SAA) as part of his monitoring programme. He held meetings with staff and the board in which he received reports about the performance of the company.

The President thanked the staff for their dedication and hard work and informed them that they are South Africa’s ambassadors wherever they travel with SAA. He reiterated the commitment of government to support the national carrier in its work.

“I’m pleased by the board and senior management’s commitment to implement the Long-Term Turnaround Strategy to put the airline on a path of commercial sustainability”, said President Zuma.

SAA reported to the President that there was a positive turn in its financials for the fourth quarter of the 2016 Financial year which ended 31 March 2016. The airline has achieved this despite facing many challenges, SAA said.

SAA also reported to the President that its cost compression programme had begun to bear results.

President Zuma was also taken on an inspection of SAA Technical, the maintenance division of the airline.

President Zuma noted all the challenges raised by staff and during his inspection. He committed his government as its highest level to assist the airline to overcome the challenges.

Source: The Presidency Republic Of South Africa