Rifi tells Diaspora in Belgium Lebanese preserved country through openness to each other

NNA – Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, said on Wednesday that the situation in the regions surrounding Lebanon was marred with conflicts, “but we have managed to preserve the safety of the nation through our openness to each other,” he added in an address to the Lebanese Diaspora in Belgium during a dinner banquet which was held in his honour by the Lebanese Ambassador to Belgium and the European Union, Rami Mortada.”Even though we do not agree on everything, but we see eye-to eye on the importance of deterring all the threats gazing into the nation, whether by the Israeli enemy or by terrorists and others,” he added.In response to a question about the nature of the security threat to Lebanon, Rifi said: “According to my experience in the field of security for over 40 years, I see that we can thwart the danger that are threatening us, whether it comes from the enemy in the south, or from the East.””In my capacity as an expert in this field I tell you that there is no current threat to Lebanon because the army and security forces are fully ready to defend their homeland,” Rifi added.In terms of visits to Belgian officials, Rifi held meetings with Prime Minister, Reddy Verworth and two of his advisers, in the presence of charg√© d’affaires at the Lebanese Embassy, Reina Charbel, with talks featuring high on the present security and political affairs that concern the two countries, the Middle East and Europe in general. The conferees also discussed “ways of addressing the problem of terrorism and the possibility of cooperation between Brussels and Lebanon in this area.”Separately, Rifi met with Belgian Interior Minister, Jan Anbun. Talks touched on the issue of terrorism and Rifi explained that “Assad is not a substitute for excommunicating terrorism as he promotes himself to be before Europe and the international community (…) but he is synonymous with terrorism and there’s no solution to the crisis without him stepping down.”==========R.H.