The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Labour, Mr Lemias Mashile, has noted the decision by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) not to renew its section 189 notice, which elapsed yesterday. The committee appreciates all efforts to retain or grow employment opportunities, given the current levels of unemployment in South Africa. The high rate of unemployment means that retrenchment decisions should not be taken lightly.

A thriving labour market is essential if the country is to succeed in fighting the challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality. This threat has caused a lot of pain to all South Africans and was all the more intense for those SABC employees whose fate was uncertain.

Mr Mashile called upon all organs of state and the private sector to commit to creating and sustaining jobs, in line with the spirit of the job summit.

The chairperson also urged employers to allow workers the time to exercise their democratic rights to check their registration and to vote in the upcoming general elections, particularly in the agriculture, mining, hospitality, construction, security and retail industries.

Source: Parliament