San Community Benefits from Gebedsplaas Self Help Project in Omaheke

Otjozohungu, Omaheke Region – The Gebedsplaas San Self Help Project, aimed at uplifting the San community in the Omaheke Region, was officially handed over to the community on Thursday. The project, situated in the Otjombinde Constituency, is an employment initiative sponsored by the Social Security Commission (SSC) and the Omaheke Regional Council, focusing on dairy and welding enterprises to provide job opportunities for the community.

According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), Otjombinde Constituency Councillor Wenzel Kavaka, during the handover ceremony, emphasized the project’s positive impact on the San community and the broader Otjozohungu area. “The project not only fosters employment but also shapes the characters of the San people and enhances their self-esteem. The employment it provides is key to strengthening our community’s social fabric, ensuring that everyone feels valued and included,” Kavaka stated.

He also underscored the project’s contribution to education and skills development, which are crucial for building a strong, resilient, and united community. “This handover is a moment to reaffirm our dedication to generating more opportunities, supporting growth, and securing a prosperous future for all members of the San community,” he added.

Milka Mungunda, Chief Executive Officer of the Social Security Commission, in a statement delivered on her behalf, highlighted the project as a reflection of the commission’s commitment to improving the lives of Namibians. She pointed out that the commission’s funding was mainly allocated to essential aspects such as skills development and infrastructure.

Since its inception in 2018, the Gebedsplaas San Self Help Project has been supported with funding amounting to N.dollars 2,223,000 from the SSC Development Fund and the Omaheke Regional Council.