SAPS embarks on gender based violence awareness campaign targeting the youth

Eastern Cape SAPS conducted an awareness campaign today, 08 July 2020. The members focused on Buffalo City Metropolitan areas including East London’s Central Business District, Amalinda, Cambridge location and other outskirts of the metro.
The target was to reach the youth and unemployed graduates who went to collect the unemployment Covid-19 lockdown relief fund from the Government during these trying times.
The campaign also formed part of a proactive social crime prevention activity by the police as we anticipate incidents of domestic violence which may occur because of social ills the youth are facing in society including unemployment and alcohol abuse.
In adhering to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, social distancing was maintained during the operation by conducting the awareness using loud hailing mobile communication inside the vehicles when approaching congested vicinities to stay safe and cautious to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.
The time has come for society to stand up against this violence, those behind gender based violence must be unmasked. SAPS ensures its community that we the men and women in blue are still up to the task.

Source: South African Police Service

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