SAPS Kabega Park victim support centre, refurbished

GQEBERHA – In order for the SAPS to maintain professionalism, ensure the proper support and protection of victims by members, victim friendly facilities are set up at police stations so that victims are treated in privacy and confidentiality. Gender based violence is a huge concern and in certain instances, victims of crime often suffer secondary victimisation at the hands of the people who are supposed to give support and protection.

The SAPS have a responsibility to ensure that all complainants are treated with dignity and respect hence the establishment of victim friendly facilities.

On Friday, 02 July 2021, the Round Table PE West 142 charity organisation partnered with SAPS Kabega Park and refurbished their victim friendly room. The room was painted and included a bed as well as numerous variety of toys. The room most certainly creates a warm and homely environment for any victim who should want to use this facility. SAPS Kabega Park members painted the room on their rest days with the generous sponsorship of a local business.

The Station Commander, Colonel Tony Nomdoe expressed his gratitude to the community in ensuring that police members provide a service that is effective, efficient and non- judgemental to victims of crime including the vulnerable groups.

Source: South African Police Service