Security Council on four-day mission to Africa

10 Mar 2015

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Deployment of MINUSCA in September 2014. UN Photo/Catianne Tijerina

Members of the UN Security Council are on Tuesday embarking on a four-day mission to the Central African Republic, Burundi and the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The mission is taking place during France’s presidency of the 15-member Council whose primary responsibility is the maintenance of international peace and security.
Derrick Mbatha reports.
The Security Council visit to the Central African Republic comes after the deployment in September 2014 of the UN Stabilization Mission in the country known as MINUSCA.
The mission is helping to restore stability as the country recovers from over two years of civil war and sectarian violence between Muslim and Christian militias.
In Burundi, the Council will assess progress made in the country which emerged from more than a decade of civil war in 2006.
The mandate of the UN Office in Burundi (BNUB), which helped the country to consolidate peace ended in December last year.
BNUB was replaced by the UN Electoral Observer Mission in Burundi for the elections that are expected to be held this year.
In the Ethiopian capital, Council members are scheduled to meet with their counterparts in the African Union’s Peace and Security Council.
Since 2007 the two councils have held annual meetings to strengthen their cooperation as well as that of the United Nations and the African Union.
Derrick Mbatha, United Nations. 
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