The South African government says it remains committed to resolving and settling all legal claims arising from the Marikana national tragedy of Aug 16, 2012.

The country on Tuesday marked the fourth anniversary of the tragedy, where 34 miners lost their lives.

In December 2015, President Jacob Zuma announced that government was committed to a speedy resolution of legitimate legal claims from Marikana.

“A legal team was immediately engaged to assist and fast-track, if possible, this process. At [the team’s] initiative, a series of roundtable discussions was convened with counsel and attorneys acting for the claimants, where proposals were advanced on behalf of government to achieve a speedy resolution of claims.

“By March 2016, government had conceded 100% merits of legitimate legal claims. Instructions were given to settle claims, including claims of unlawful arrest and detention claims but the State will exclude those claims that are under criminal investigation and those that face possible prosecution. Attorneys for claimants were urged to provide all information required for the settlement process.

“Government is currently in the process of determining the quantum and will make offer of payments in full settlement of claims in due course,” said the Presidency on Thursday.

Government has appointed an actuary to calculate the amount of each claim. Government is now preparing to make an offer once all loss of support claims have been completed.

The proposed amounts for settlement of the claims of unlawful detention and arrest are complete. The government legal team is now consulting with senior counsel and is ready to make an offer to settle these claims in the next few months.

With regard to personal injury claims, government has proposed that both parties use one set of medical experts to assist in quantifying these claims in order to reduce costs and to expedite the process of calculation and settlement.

The calculation of personal injury claims can only commence once the State and the plaintiff attorneys agree on the set of experts to calculate the quantum of these claims.