South Africa: Minister Ebrahim Patel Signs MOU to Boost Social Economy Sector With Government of Flanders, 30 Jan

Minister Ebrahim Patel to sign MOU with the Government of Flanders, and the International Labour Organisation to boost the social economy sector

Economic Development Minister, Ebrahim Patel, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Flanders and the International Labour Organisation to help boost job creation in the social economy.

The Government of Flanders has committed Euros 1 324 367 (around R19 million) towards the initiative which is aimed at creating and supporting decent jobs in a sustainable and inclusive social economy. EDD’s in-kind contribution is R4.8 million bringing the total project cost to around R23.7 million. The International Labour Organisation will give technical support to the Economic Development Department in the implementation of this project. The initiative is aimed at supporting the development of policies and practices to grow the social economy and create jobs.

Source: Economic Development Department