– South African scientists are working on finding an effective HIV vaccine and a large-scale HIV vaccine clinical trial called the HVTN 702 has resumed in this country, involving more than 5,000 men and women in 15 sites across South Africa.

The scientists and their international partners are optimistic that the trial will yield positive results in about four years.

This emerged at the end of the HIV Research for Prevention Conference in Chicago. The president of the South African Medical Research Council and leader of the trial, Professor Glenda Gray, said they are optimistic that the trial would yield positive results in about four years.

While the vaccine from the large HIV clinical trial will be aimed at the South African strain, scientists are also working on finding a vaccine that will give protection to everyone globally.

Gray said: “We want to make a vaccine that’s global. You want put all those inserts from all over the world so that this vaccine can work wherever you go. We will be testing that on South Africans and other women in sub-Saharan Africa and we hope to start that trial at the end of next year.

“In five years, we will know whether the neutralising antibody approach is good and we will also know whether we can train the immune system to kill HIV when it’s exposed to it.”

Source: Nam News Network