Statement by President Donald Tusk at the Leaders' Summit on Peacekeeping

I am pleased to be here today and make a pledge on behalf of the European Union to strengthen UN peacekeeping operations. EU Member States remain the main financial contributors to UN peacekeeping, covering more than one third of the total peacekeeping budget for the period 2014-2015.

The Union also conducts crisis management missions and operations in support of UN objectives and UN peacekeeping. There are currently seventeen EU crisis management missions and operations (6 military and 11 civilian). These allow for burden sharing and support to the UN, notably in Mali, the Central African Republic, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Balkans. 

In the case of Africa, the EU remains committed to give full support to the continent’s efforts to manage its own security. The EU has agreed to increase its African Peace Facility from 750 to 900 million Euros for the period 2014-2016. Today, I would like to confirm the pledge defined by European Union Member States in March 2015, and reaffirm our commitment to fulfilling them.

Let me end by thanking the co-hosts of this event. And to all of those who have made important contributions today and in the past in support of the UN’s peace and security agenda.

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