Stock thieves caught at Umlazi

It is alleged that on 05 July 2018 at 05:30, SAPS members were patrolling around Glebelands area when they noticed a white Mazda 323 with three suspicious looking men. The vehicle was driving past Glebelands, along Prince Mcwayizeni Road, at a slow pace. The vehicle looked as if it was carrying an unusual heavy load, as the back of the vehicle almost touched the ground. This appeared suspicious to the police officers, as there was only one passenger seated at the back of the vehicle.

The members decided to pull the vehicle over and question the men. Upon inspection the vehicle, they noticed the back passenger was seated on top of a slaughtered cow. The cow had been hacked into pieces with its head, legs and body across the back seat and its intestines hanging out. Upon questioning the men, it was established that they had stolen and slaughtered the cow the previous night in Ixopo. The three men aged 31 and 39 years old were immediately arrested for stock theft and possession of stolen property. The suspects will appear in the Umlazi Magistrates’ Court next week.

Source: South African Police Service

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