Sweden continues commitment to support UNDP by pledging $58.6m for 2015

03 Sep 2015

Stockholm/New York—The Swedish Government announced its continued commitment to the United Nations Development Programme by making a 2015 core contribution of $58.6m, or 495m Swedish Kroner, to help UNDP support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and fulfill its coordination role for the UN system.

As one of UNDP’s top donor countries, Sweden is a key UNDP partner in the fight to eradicate poverty, promote gender equality, democratic governance, human rights and peacebuilding, and tackle the challenges posed by climate change.

“UNDP has a very strong, long standing engagement in many countries with a very vast field experience and very close relationships with many developing countries’ governments,” Swedish Permanent Representative to the United Nations Olof Skoog said explaining why Sweden partners with UNDP.

Ambassador Skoog said Sweden’s priorities align with those of UNDP in terms of issue areas and geographic focus. Sweden places special emphasis on responsive institutions, inclusive and sustainable growth, democratic governance and climate change and disaster risk reduction. Sweden supported projects in 26 countries in 2014, including Afghanistan, Myanmar and Palestine.

Ambassador Skoog said core fund contributions help UNDP to identify strategic work, and to be flexible for unpredictable situations, such as the Ebola response in West Africa and the earthquake in Nepal.

Regular, or “core”, budget resources allow UNDP to mount a quick response to emerging crisis and in the case of natural disaster. The core budget often supports the poorest and most vulnerable countries around the world.

2015 is a pivotal year for international development. This year, UN Member States are set to agree on several critical global issues, including the proposed set of Sustainable Development Goals that are expected to build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, as well as a new global climate change agreement.

“The priorities that we focus on are all basically covered by the Sustainable Development Goals, and we can afford to have many priorities since we are a fairly big donor,” Skoog said.

Skoog noted Sweden’s partnership with UNDP has helped to assist hundreds of families in Cambodia with access to water, support Palestinian women and girls in protecting their legal rights, protect Small Island Developing States protect from climate change and strengthen democracy in Tunisia.

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