The Provincial Commissioner donates food parcels to the bereaved family

LEBOWAKGOMO – The Provincial Commissioner of Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has led a high voltage gathering attended by the following structures CSF, CPF, MP on Police portfolio Mr Seabi, MMC Vivian Shadung community safety and community members of Ga-Maja.

The occasion was filled with sombre mood. Speakers shared their emotions about the ordeal in the Tleane family on Friday 26 August 2022 at Ga-Maja Feke.

Allegedly, the husband came home and he seemed to be very emotional about money. He told his wife to wake up all the old ladies, his mother and the mother of his wife who were sleeping in the house and he started making noise and demanding that they give him his money, out of the blue he produced the knife and started stabbing his wife. The mother of the victim tried to separate them and that’s when she was fatally stabbed.

When the Provincial Commissioner took up the podium she comforted the family with soothing words that she felt like we were winning this month as previously we were experiencing high surge of Gender Based Violence and Femicide, during this women’s month as if men are looking for an opportunity to hurt us, and now we were not anticipating something like this.

She informed the audience that she gathered a team of experienced investigators. She said “I have instructed the team that all I want to hear is that the perpetrator is behind bars and nothing else”. To the ululation of women she informed them that the suspect is arrested and he will appear soon before the court of law.

She encouraged women to open cases when they are abused than to suffer in silence and also men who are being abused to cry out loud than to bottle issues and later ventilate their frustrations on children or innocent members of the family.

The MMC Vivian Shadung, responsible for community safety within Polokwane Municipality emphasised to the women structures that were present to attend the court in numbers and conduct peaceful protests so that courts can deny the suspect with bail.

The Tleane family was comforted when Police officers under the immaculate leadership of the Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe donated food parcels such as meat, vegetables and maize meal that will assist during the funeral.

Source: South African Police Service