The Provincial Tracking Team crack down a tavern allegedly selling stolen liquor and cigarettes

POLOKWANE – The SAPS Provincial Tracking Team on Tuesday 31 January 2023 acting on Intelligence, managed to operationalize information and in the process arrested a 31-year-old male suspect for dealing in suspected stolen liquor and cigarettes in Mogaladi village, Nebo policing precinct.

The Task Team received a report about a Tarven selling very expensive liquor. The Police followed up on the information and they allegedly found ninety-nine bottles of liquor worth over R80 000-00 and one hundred and twenty three packs of cigarettes valued at R7 000-00. These cigarettes are believed to have been stolen from Filling Stations during the drop in safes bombing.

It is reported that during the arrest the suspect was found in possession of 9 mm firearm magazine. It is believed that the suspect might be belonging to a notorious gang that is roaming around, bombing ATMs and Drop in safes at the filling stations.

The suspect is expected to appear before Nebo Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 01 February 2023.

Police investigations are continuing.

Source: South African Police Service