Three suspects arrested on charged related to murder, attempted murder and the possession of prohibited firearms in Belhar

Western Cape: A 24 year old man residing at Haarlem Street, Belhar, who is an alleged 26 gang member was shot and killed at about 20:45 during a shooting incident in front of a premises in Anreith Avenue, Belhar on 2017-02-14. According to reports an unidentified man got out of a black Hyundai i10 vehicle with tinted windows and fired several shots at the victim, fatally wounding him. The suspect drove off in the vehicle towards Chestnut Place. A murder docket was opened for investigation.

While police were at the crime scene the same vehicle pulled up at Chestnut Place and randomly started shooting from the black Hyundai i10. In the process a 26 year old man was shot and injure, and a two year old girl. Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention. The victims were allegedly walking in the road when the incident happened. An attempted murder case was opened for investigation.

After the incident the Station Commander established a task team of members who were off duty and within an hour two suspects were arrested. Both suspects reside in Ext 13, Belhar. The task team continued with their operation and on 2016-02-15 at approximately 10:10 they spotted a man with a firearm in Batavia Road, Ext 13, Belhar.

They approached the suspect to search him, but he pointed a firearm at a police officer who then fired at the suspect. The suspect was arrested with a prohibited firearm and 15 x 9 mm rounds. Cases related to the possession of a prohibited firearm and pointing of a firearm were opened against the 17 year old suspect. He is suspected of being a 26 Sexy Boy gang member. All these suspects are due to appear in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court soon, on the mentioned charges.

Source: South African Police Service