Time for planning is over, we need start implementing our priorities says MEC Masuku

Addressing the Gauteng Department of Health Executive Management Committee meeting this morning, MEC Dr Bandile Masuku reminded staff members about the priorities of the Department and encouraged staff members to start implementing plans that will bring the desired change in the Department and to Gauteng residents.

We should focus on what needs to be done, we need to double our efforts in operationalising our priorities which, amongst others include improving patient’s experience, staff morale, filling of vacant posts, spearheading the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI). We must change the way we work and no mediocrity will be tolerated in the process. We need to work with those who are prepared to serve our public with dedication and honour, says MEC Masuku.

The MEC’s words conforms with the public service code of conduct which provides guidelines to government employees as to what is expected of them from an ethical point of view, both in their individual conduct and in their relationship with members of the public. Compliance with the Code will go a long way in enhancing professionalism and help to ensure public confidence in the Public Service.

The winds of change have begun to blow and as we embark on this critical process of bringing in positive change in the Department we will do everything possible to recognise and reward good behaviour whilst dealing decisively with those who stand on our way of bringing positive changes to the lives of Gauteng residents, cautioned MEC Masuku.

Furthermore, later today, MEC Masuku is expected to announce 11 newly appointed CEOs for various hospitals as part of a bid to strengthen management structure within the Department.

Source: Gauteng Province