Turkey deepens ties with Nigeria

The Embassy of Turkey in a bid to strengthen ties with Nigeria has organised a week-long event, where both countries can learn more about each other’s culture through food.

Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria, Hidayet Bayraktar at the Inaugural gala of the Cuisine week on Friday in Abuja said that varieties of Turkish meals would be on the menu of the Frazer suites, Abuja all week.

Bayraktar said that one of the symbols of Turkish culture, which has always been famous for its hospitality was Turkish Cuisine which symbolises the spirit of community and solidarity.

“This is the second of the Turkish Cuisine week that will be held since last year and it was initiated by our first lady, Mrs Emine Erdogan.

“And the aim of this gathering is to show about the Turkish culture to other cultures.

“During this week, the hotel, the chefs will prepare different varieties of food from different parts of Turkey.

“This year it is more from the Hatay region because of the earthquake that we just had on Feb. 6.

He disclosed that one aspect of culture was the food, the cuisine of Turkey.

“As everybody knows jollof rice all around the world is a Nigerian dish, of course Turks have many dishes like that that is worldwide known.

“Which is why we have gathered friends and foreign mission colleagues to enjoy the food and see what we can cheer about our culture,” Bayraktar said.

He said that following positive reports on tasty Turkish meals from Nigerians who have visited Turkey, he would engage with Nigeria’s Ministry of Culture to jointly organize a food fair in both countries.

“On food fair, we could do something like that. I need to talk to the Ministry of Culture, I believe it will be a good opportunity.

“I know that a lot of people that go from Nigeria to turkey, they said they loved the food and enjoyed a lot of restaurants that they have gone to.

Mr Dele Oye, Chairman, Nigerian-Turkey Business Council commended the exquisite event.

He said that introducing a person to the food and culture of a country was the smartest way to strengthening business relations.

“I will tell you that once you eat someone’s food, you will definitely do business with that country.

“If you look at the Chinese Principle, they make sure all of us know about their food before they even came out with the business, that will make it a lot easier.

“When you go for business meetings you will feel comfortable to do business in a comfortable environment, ” Oye said.

Highlights of the event was when the Ambassador made “Pide” a popular Cusine called Turkish Pizza for guests in the kitchen.

Those present at the event include Nigerian government representatives, members of the diplomatic corps including the Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, Ambassadors to Nigeria among others.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria